Luca, Photographer in Venice:

Hello dear visitor: welcome to my website as a photographer in Venice.
I am Luca, and I am thrilled to be a part of your journey to capture beautiful memories in a place that I love.

Venice holds a special place in my heart, as it is not only the backdrop to countless captivating stories but also my dream location for my dream profession. Whether it's an engagement or a surprise proposal, a wedding day filled with love, or individual portraits,my goal is to weave a narrative through imagery.


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Love & photography in Venice:

Every click of my camera is inspired by love, that is the common ingredient guiding me as a professional photographer in Venice. Most of my work centers around couples— planning and capturing surprise proposals, heartfelt engagements, intimate destination weddings, and genuine love stories.

These are moments that will be cherished by you, shared with your close circle, and relived while telling your story to future generation.

They're more than just photos; they're timeless memories.

Love is the common ingredient that inspires my services as a Venice Photographer: most of the times I'm photographing couples, and I'm delighted to photograph surprise proposals in Venice, intimate destination weddings or elopements. engagements and couple love-stories: important days in the life of both and precious memories for friends, family, future selves and why not, children.

Today's instants that will become cherished memories for years to come.


Your Story in Venice:

The common milestones for which people often look for a photographer in Venice start from the surprise proposals in Venice where I'm fond of the planning and the emotions of the moment, engagement photo-sessions, honeymoons and eventually vow renewals, anniversary and in general  special moments of happy persons.

whether it be an Engagement photographer in Venice, proposal planner, or Wedding Photographer. However, I see myself as a visual storyteller, with you as the main characters in your own love story. Through my photographs, I will ensure that your journey and your unique love story is beautifully narrated in the mesmerizing backdrop offered by Venice.


Private and corporate events.


Portrait photography in Venice:

Individual portraits with a taste of romantic and fashion photography are often asked by people attracted to Venice by social events, Venice's allure isn't reserved just for couples. Its cultural events and ethereal beauty beckon individuals too. Whether you're attending the Venice Film Festival, the Biennale Art Exposition, or simply wish to have a romantic or fashion-forward portrait amidst its scenic alleys and canals—I'm here to make it happen.

Discover more about my journey:

Here you can discover more about myself as a wedding photographer in Venice and here you can find some galleries where it will be possible to browse across images of Venice from my photosessions, this may be useful to see if we are on the same tune in terms of vision and to gather idea for your own planning.


As you navigate through my website, I hope that my images will inspire you and provide you with good ideas for your time in Venice.

Should our visions align It would be an honor for me to be a part of your journey, capturing your special moments and creating cherished memories.



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