Portrait photographer in Venice

Most of the clients contacting me for a photographic shooting in Venice are couples, but among them often there is one person more motivated than the other. So I got the idea of offering individual portrait services can be well integrated into a family vacation photography session, This allows couples and families to get the best of both worlds: individualized portraits and couple ot family vacation images.

So here I'm presenting some ideas of beauty portraits than can be arranged during a short holiday in Venice or in Milanand I'll try to answer to frequently asked questions.

Make up artist for a photo-session in Venice:

It may be a good idea to hire a make up artist or an hairstylist: it is possible to involve the professional services of make up artist in Venice . It would help but it is not essential, while it would give a special feeling and a big contribution to the look of the images we are telling your story and your usual look is a definitely suitable one.

Most of my audience is international and I offer local services that could not be done at home so I chose to avoid studio photography: Venice is going to be our playground.

When to arrange a portrait session in Venice:

Photo-session ending at sunset:

This is a classic, we start with good light, enjoy the magic atmosphere of a venetian sunset and end with night portraits creating  a big variety in just a couple of hours. Ending a bit after sunset we would have some images at nighttime with city light being turned on and the sky in the peak of the blue hour.

During the day:

Especially if you plan to use your hotel room as a location. During Fall, Winter and Spring it is ok and practical. I tend to avoid the warmest hours during summer because, well, let's say that the impact of high temperatures on most people make images less advisable. So this is connected with the season and the actual weather, we'll definitely talk about this once we are communicating.

Starting at Sunrise:

This can be an excellent option, typically way less people and in fall and winter mist will allow for amazing results.
It may be more suited to early risers as I'd value a rested and happy face in the afternoon more than a sleepy one  with a better light. But if the time is not a challenge, well that's Venice at its best. A milder option would be a morning session, it is still quiet and there is no very early wake up.

Individual portraits in Venice.

Besides people on vacation there are some categories of portraits that make sense here:

Dance photography in Venice:

Every other year the biennale danza attracts dancers from all over the world and as for musicians and singers the Fenice theatre is another reason that bring these artists in Venice: what a better and more iconic place for portfolio images.

Musicians' portraits in Venice:

As for the dancers the performances in the Fenice theatre are a frequent reason for international performers to visit Venice and the location is just to good not to arrange professional portraits.

Actors and fashion photography:

Here the reason to be in Venice is often the Venice film festival in September. Besides actual stars looking for a photosession there are plenty of visitors here for the movies (and the parties). Why not to indulge into a personalized luxury portrait or a fashion inspired photosession.


Remote photography for a virtual photoshoot

It is possible to avail of this service without any boundary connected with distance: remote photosession maybe for social media  dating apps or tinder profile pictures. This is a bit unrelated from the rest and it is a service connected with the travel restrictions of the last few years.

How to find the portrait photographer for you in Venice?

One step would be looking at the images and then to communicate with the potential photographer in order to see availability and pricing and more importantly to feel if there is compatibility in terms of communication and personality: this will be as important as the creative side for ensuring that the experience and the images are both excellent.

I'd say that as a first contact a message via whatsapp or an email may do well.
Then we could schedule a zoom call to better talk about the ideas.


portrait photography in Venicefashion portrait in VeniceFashion inspired portrait in Venice with a red dress.

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portrait-photographer-011portrait-photographer-011portrait in Venice

portrait-photographer-005girl portrait session in Venicephoto walk and portrait session in Venice