Photographer in Florence, Italy

Since my life partner is now based in Florence, I spend a lot of time there, even if I am based in Venice where I serve most of my clients. In fact, Talking with clients, I've realized that they are often visiting Rome, Florence and Venice as part of their trip in Italy, as well as Milan from time to time.
This idea of offering services in different cities makes sense to me, and I believe that it is also a way for me to keep my creativity fed by different challenges.

I'll write more about photography services I may help with in Florence but if you are looking for a quick way  to contact a photographer to hire you could I will write more about the photography services I may be able to help you with in Florence, however if you would like to contact me right away, you reach the contact page of this website.
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Surprise proposal photographer in Florence:

The best thing about Florence for a surprise proposal, compared to Venice, is that while it has a romantic setting and a picturesque setting, you will be less obvious in your proposal. As a result, your partner will be surprised and off-guard a bit, as opposed to a proposal place such as Venice or Paris that is iconic and classic.

It is certain that some planning will be required, either with me for the simpler proposals or with a dedicated planner for the more complex proposals. The best plan we will devise will be to have both candid reactions to the proposal, as well as an engagement session that is more posed yet still spontaneous (which is perfect for creating a "save de date" image as well as creating a long lasting memory).

Couples and Vacation photographer in Florence


We could arrange to have the session split in two cities, proposal in Venice and engagement photo-session in Florence or vice versa. In addition to the added variety, this kind of arrangement offers the advantage of allowing one to prepare for the engagement session while at the same time being able to respond candidly to the proposal.

Honeymoon & Vacation

The honey moon or even a vacation could be a perfect time to create quality images to add to your lifetime of memories to be shared with close ones, images are perfect for this and while selfies have a lot of spontaneity and practical ease a professional support may actually help be a nice experience by itself.


Florence Wedding Photographer

For weddings we can talk about the city of Florence by itself or the countryside in Tuscany.

Portrait Photographer in Florence, Tuscany, Italy:

There are many instances where I receive requests from solo travelers or people in just a couple or small group, they are very stimulating clients. As the subject of the photograph, we will need to talk about the message we are trying to communicate as well as the audience we are trying to reach, Generally, I get requests like this:


Private portraits for memories, gifts or social media profiles (and why not dating sites).


Professional presentation and portfolio, often linked with a professional business trip.