A few words on the photographer, the rest of the website focuses on the images telling the stories of couples in Venice.

Values: Emotions and self actualisation are my main drivers for being a photographer, (ok having Venice around is a big bonus) I feel very happy by teaming with people experiencing happy emotions and creating memories to be shared, this is the part of phtoography I love compared to the technical dimensions that ok, needs to be mastered but is just a tool not to think about when feeling the right moment for "clicking" .
The self actualisation relates to being happy about driving my life with freedom and responsibility for each choice.

Present: I use my camera to create memories about happy moments in the lives of others: surprise marriage proposals,wedding, engagement, honeymoons and vows renewal ceremonies.

This fills me with positive energy and is one of the reasons I love being a photographer.

I use my skills and creativity as best as possible to tell the stories of couples who have given me the privilege of creating viasual imemories their special day.

Past: Venice captured my attention many years ago after I started living there at the age of 15 whilst attending an Italian Navy School, after which, I studied economics and worked abroad several years in IT companies. I returned to Milan where I started my photography business and eventually came back to my favourite city in Italy: Venice.

Future: Venice is a city that I love both for the unique lifestyle and for the architecture. On this subject, and although happy couples are the focus of my activity, a partially unrelated kind of photography I enjoy being involved with is architecture  photography.