As a wedding photgorapher I typically see italian brides and groom during their special day, but as Venice is a charming destination for newly wed from around the world, I'm happy to help creating and sharing the memories of this first trip as a married couple.

On a human side it is a very interesting type of assingment, couples during their honeymoon are usually extremely happy and more relaxed relaxed than during the celebration.

While Venice is the location I reccomend for honeymoon phtography, I offer my services across Italy (Rome and Milan in particular).

A session would typically start in the late afternoon so that the light will be nice and nicer until sunset when venice will have a magic atmosphere.

Some "brave" clients would go for a sunrise photosession, here the added benefit is that nobody would be around and the light will be even nicer than sunset.

If you are planning visiting Italy during your honemoon and li=ke my photography I'd be very happy to hear from you by an  email or via this form.



honeymoon desenzano del garda