Photographer for LGBT couples in Venice

Love is love and happy people will be a good subject for a wedding photographer regardless of their gender (do emotions have one?)

I long avoided dedicating a webpage to the topic of same-sex couples because for me it absolutely the same and I would not make any difference in my services depending on whether a couple defines themselve as Gay, Lesbian or anything else they may feel like.

But ok, maybe this helps me being found by potential clients and helps them avoiding less friendly photographers so here I am with a dedicated page

Send me a message to discuss about the details: whatsapp could be an option and more are in my photographer in Venice contact page and these are some galleries of images with LGBT couples.

Samesex Weddings in Venice

this is amazing considering how slowly italian laws catch up with society but finally it is possible to celebrate a real ( legally valid) wedding in the ventian city hall (Palazzo Cavalli) for churches I'm afraid some wait is still needed but at least civil weddings are a real option, before the only alternative was a symbolic ceremony.

Honeymoon or engagement in Venice

This has been always easy, for me as a photographer there is zero difference and the flow would be the very same of any couple: unique and reflecting the personality of the pair.

Same Sex proposal in Venice

Ok this is going to be different for me compared to "usual" marriage proposals I'm called to work as a proposal photographer in Venice. Normally I can understand from far away who is going to knee and pop the ring ( and the question). with two persons of the same gender guessing who's going to propose will add some thrill.

Actually I have zero of these proposals in my "collection" and I'd love to start with one: reference this sentence and I'll be happy to offer and extra discount.

When to have a couple photosession in Venice?

well, the most frequent scenario is to arrange it so that we end a bit after sunset.
An option that works very well during fall, winter and spring is to do it during day but this option is something I'd advise against during summer.
Finally my favourite: a sunrise photosession in Venice. It is only for the daring ( or for people with such a strong jet lag that would actually spend the very early morning still awake.  The city is less crowded and the light is magnificent, in fall and winter the mist may give unreal atmospheres and in any case the satisfaction of having accomplished something great already by breakfast time fully compensates the early alarm clock.




lesbian honeymoon photographer venice lgbtsamesex honeymoon venicetwo girls just married are enjoying their honeymoon in Venice

Lovestory for two male lovers.

gay engagement kiss Venice 015gay engagement Venice-015gay couple creating greath photogrpahs in Venice

Two boys for their engagement photosession.

samesex honeymoon photography in Venice-007samesex lgbt photography in Venice- bride and bride for a lesbian wedding in Venice. Same sex wedding in Venice

The right to celebrate same sex weddings in Italy is finally legally recoginzed!