Looking for a Vacation photographer in Venice, Italy?

As photographer in Venice I often spent time with couples getting married, with surprise proposals and routinely with people being here during their honeymoon.

Families hiring a Venice vacation photographer are a different type of client that I work with on a regular basis.

A photo walk in Venice would be a great way to spend a part of the vacation budget on something that allows you to get to experience the city off the beaten track besides famous spots like San Marco and get a professional photo shoot to create long lasting memories of your holiday.

In this type of walking tour, it is not necessary to have a guide to provide you with information about the history and art of the city; instead, we will be taking a photo tour in which as a professional photographer located in Venice I will show you his favorite places in this romantic city and give you a chance to take nice photos of your visit.

It is typical for a photo session to be used by the entire family, but it may also be an intriguing activity for solo travellers or couples.

If you're interested in having me capture your vacation in Venice, Italy, please write me to find out if I will be a good match for you.

What are the steps involved in a Vacation photo session?

We agree on a time an place for our meeting, if needed I may provide some help about gettign a make up artist or an hair stylist beforehand but usually those are not needed. I may actually be more useful providing ideas for a good restaurant where we could end the session or about nice places to start a gondola ride or a water taxi.

Then we meet and we walk in areas I like a lot and that are usually not taming with crowds of tourists, there you can take guided photos or simply enjoy being photographed.

I'll send the images of the photo tour in Venice in an online gallery. This is similar to other professional photography services I offer and the same is true for payment arrangements.

How long should a photowalk in Venice last?

Personally I would say around one hour and a half and if you want to be photographer no more than 3 hours because afterwards tiredness will start to show up.