A photographer for your suprise proposal in Venice

I sympatize a lot with the challenges and the emotional intesity of arranging a surprise proposal in Venice and a proposal photo shoot and actually these are by far my favorite professional services.

How to plan a suprise proposal in Venice.

As a surprise proposal photographer in Venice, I try to offer the support that could make things easier for guys that choose Venice as the place where to ask for a future together and to hear a YES in an unique scenery.

Each session will be very personal in nature and fine tuned according to the individual preferences.

Still, there are some commong steps that may give an idea of a typical surprise wedding proposal photo-session:

Where to propose in Venice:

We can arrange beforehand a place that is quite romantic and easily reachable for you at a time when light will be good, there I'll be waiting; actually my proposals image gallery may provide some ideas and I'll help actively in finding a place that is just right for the two of you..

Another idea is to pretend that I was hired to be your "vacation photographer" so we would have a reason to meet and to ahead for a photo walk together, the only difference is that in a moment apparently calm you'll be presenting the ring and I'll be ready to photographer her reactions.

Photography for your marriage proposal in Venice.

The actual proposal will be captures in a candid way.

Right after I typically recommend to spend some time between just the two of you, for her it will be a very intese moment and a big surprise. I'll be a fair distance away and still be able to take some emotional images.

After a few minutes we can go on for the second part of the session: an engagement session right after the surprise proposal.

This images will be more classic yet you both know there is a photographer around, I'll still do my best to get natural results capturing your emotions and personalities.

If you feel that Venice is the place where you want to "hear yes," and you like my images, let's get in touch so we can plan the creation of memorable memories that will be shared over and over all along your marriage. Now with friends, then children, and potentially even grandchildren in the future.

I'll so you soon a few images and then a bigger selection in an online gallery with the images that are ready to be chosen by you and then perfected with professional editing.

Communication with your proposal photographer in Venice

I could be reached with an email or via this form

To make things easier bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment for professional photography services.

This is a collection of recent surprise proposal photography sessions.


And below a slide show and a few images:



marriage proposal in Veniceengagement proposalwhen he presented the ring

My first proposal as a photographer I was actually hired by the lady for an ordinary holiday lovestory photosession.



A ring, or two lovers holding hands.