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The romantic and intimate atmosphere of Venice makes it an ideal location for elopements and destination weddings, especially with a few, close guests: it is especially suitable for emotions like those experienced during intimate weddings.

I find these intimate marriages to be the moving and inspiring for a photographer, especially for me personally: plenty of emotions and the intimacy are worth more than a thousand guests. Special words are deserved to the wedding where the couple was already blessed with children.
newly weds kissing in Venice from a balcony overlooking grand canalwedding portrait from Palazzo CavalliIconic balcony on grand Canal overviewing Rialto bridge
It is a classic for the first photo after the wedding celebration in Venice

If you're considering a civil ceremony, Palazzo Cavalli, with its views of the Grand Canal and fabulous Rialto Bridge, is a popular choice for saying your vows.
However, Venice also offers a variety of churches for those desiring a religious service, accommodating various faiths including Catholic, Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Armenian), and Protestant traditions.

In case of large numbers of guests it is so much better to involve as early early as possible a local wedding planner: they can be extremely helpful in coordinating and choosing all the suppliers (wedding venues, make-up artist and hair stylist, florists, water taxis...) I'd be happy to recommend those I trust the most.

Most people reading these words are planning a destination wedding and not a local ceremony so I try to present some useful information for people planning to get married in Venice.

Where to get married in Venice:

The types of weddings that can be planned and arranged in Venice can roughly be divided into three broad categories:

Church marriage

Venice has a great variety of churches that cater to all religions and traditions, thanks to the international role that Serenissima Republic played centuries ago (Catholic, Protestant, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Armenian to name a few).

Civil wedding

The civil ceremony is usually held in Palazzo Cavalli (Venice Town Hall), which is a very nice location overlooking the Grand Canal as well as the Rialto Bridge, and if you wish, it is possible to arrange a civil ceremony in special locations.

Symbolic wedding

In order to avoid the red tape involved of a formal celebration in Venice, it is possible to arrange a symbolic wedding. By doing so, you are able to choose among various historical palaces and hotels to host the celebration.

Venice is a wonderful stage for the play of emotions that will see you as a protagonist, I feel my role as the one of a storyteller who will write the images with light, and the photos will be the mean to tell about yourself to the members of the family that are yet to be born.

Bridal make-up and hairstyle for your wedding in Venice

Hopefully, if prospective brides read this article, they will find some information helpful about  choosing a makeup artist or an hair stylist in Venice that will make you look and feel at your best. Depending upon your language and style requirements, I can recommend several make-up artists to you if you are in need of a make-up artist. The same is true if you are in need of a wedding planner.

Wedding photography in Venice:

Even though it seems easy to describe, it is actually more difficult than it seems since each and every assignment represents the personalities of the couple as a whole.

Throughout this article, I will make an effort to touch on some of the most common parts of a wedding, regardless of its size, type, or type of guests.

Getting Ready

bride before the weddingBride getting ready in veniceBridal make up

This is when I prefer to start, when the makeup artist is completing the preparation of the bride I have chance to familiarize with the atmosphere and to create the introductory images of the wedding story. Then there are many variations from brides being surrounded by friends family and kids running everywhere to those who eloped and are alone or maybe where bride and groom help one each other.


Going to the wedding location/meeting

civil wedding in Venice-004civil wedding in Venice-004reaching palazzo Cavalli from Grand Canal

it may be the second part of the introduction or just the introduction itself: the bride goes to the ceremony location: some walk, many others take a water taxi and a few just walk. In any case these images are rich with anticipation for what is going to happen next.
During the meeting the curiosity and admiration of guests and maybe groom may be another nice ingredient for the wedding photos.

Wedding ceremony in Venice


The civil ceremonies are very regular in duration within 30 minutes a new family is formed and the couple exits as wife and husband. There will even be time for a picture on the balcony overlooking the Grand Canal and the Rialto bridge.

Bridal portraits and couple portraits


The years lived as a photographer in Venice gave me the opportunity to discover many off the track corners and I'll be glad to point at impressive yet not overcrowded spots for your portraits, typically I'll associate a very short but effective portrait session to most wedding packages. A gondola ride in this romantic city may be a nice addition to the special day.
This can be done while guests reach the location for the reception or after a first toast, my approach is to leverage on experience to have the portrait session to be as quick as possible in order to let people enjoy their time with bride and groom.

Typically each service is unique so rather besides presenting a brief session outline I provide my email to let me know the key elements to make a personalized offer: the date of the wedding and a general idea of your plan for the day. A message may be good to break the ice and plan for a call or discuss by chat.

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