Venice is particulary suitable for emotional and intimate weddings with a few but very close guests, I find these to be the most recharging and rich in energy.

It could be an elopment with the bride and grom with none or a very few guests.

Other times there is a bigger party and the ceremony is civil or religeous.

Venice hosts many churches linked with different traditions ( Chatholic, Protenstant but as well Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and a few others).

A "shortcut" to having the celebration in Venice without the paperwork associated is given by symbolic weddings this would allow to chose one of the many historical palaces.

is a wonderful stage for the play of emotions that will se you as a protagonist, I see my role as the one of a storyteller, and the images will be the mean to tell about yourself to the memebrs of the family that are yet to be born.

The years lived in Venice gave me the opportunity to discover off the track corners and I'll be glad to point at impressive yet not overcrowded spots for your portraits, typically i'll associate a very short but effective portrait session to most wedding packages.

I'm in touch with several make up artists that I could recommend depending on your requirements in terms of language and style.

Typically each service is unique so rather than presenting a series of packages I provide my email to let me know the key elements to make a peronslaized offer: the date of the wedding and a general outline of your plan.

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You may be also interested in the page honeymoon in Venice, there are some ideas about locations for the couple portraits we could do for your wedding photography in Venice.


russian wedding in Venice couple kissing in Venice, view on Rialto bridgeKiss after wedding in Palazzo Cavalli, VeniceCivil weddign in Venice, Palazzo Cavalli.