Makeup artist for your wedding in Venice

As a wedding photographer I cannot understimate the role of makeup and hairstyle on the rest of the day, not only in the photogaphy buy actually in how the bride starts the day and feels the whole time. This seems to be constant in large weddings and as well in small and intimate ones and in elopements.

How to choose your makeup artist in Venice:

Here I'd spotlight two key aspects to consider, one to ignore and validate the difficulty in making the choice for somebody who will take care fo your make-up while being far awway and arranging your destination wedding or elopement in Italy.

  • Professional quality: try to gauge an idea of the service offered by looking at bridal pictures published on the professional's website or social media profiles. To italian brides I recommend to observe and try, well if you come here before actually scheduling a session with your favorite choice will help a lot, actually you could then use that as the starting point of an engagement photosession in Venice or simply for a nice evening. This is a situation when images are worth a thousand words, but still the technical outcome is not all.

  • Human dimension, communication: on the wedding day there will be already plenty of resons to be under pressure and it is so nice when the make-up time is actually a recharging "cuddle" to help you face the most important day with the peak of your energy. And self confidence will actually get a big boost. This is difficult to asses remotely, if you cannot meet before then advices from your photographer or from your wedding planner will be very useful.

This third point is the one I'd recommend to give very little consideration:

  • Price: maybe it is not a point to ignore but I'd most definitely consider it in the big picture of the expenses for the whole day and for the importance to have a look that is not only gorgeous but that makes you feel comfortable with your own image of yourself, not to mention how valuable it would be to start the day as nicely as possible with a person you feel is able to communicate properly while delivering his professional services as make up artist or hairstilyst in Venice, Italy.

Find your hair stylist in Venice:

I'd say that the same cosideratiosn made for the bridal makeup are valid, maybe talk a bit more about how long the designed hairstyle will last in the venetian weather. My impression is that the psicological dimension is still important but less critical tha tis is with makeup.

Choosing a make up and an Hair Stilyst in Venice:

I do hope that the content of this page will help you making the choice that will make your wedding or elopement in Venice even better. As a photographer I do see regoularly the phases of bridal make up and hairstyle but I'm rarely involved in the choice so I have no conflict of interest and decided to write this page.

For people that will then choose my services I'll be two times happy once since I shared informations that may be useful once because with these premises even my professional images will improve thanks to an happy bride with the best make up and hairstyle to stay with her during the whole day.

Some makeup artists and some hair stilysts will be ready to offer their services for a sunrise photosession in Venice.

In any case if you would like to receive the contacts of some professionals I like to work with, or even better if you would like to choose me as a photographer feel free to contact me from this page or even more easily with a whatsapp message.