Engagement photography in Venice

An engagement session is meant for couples choosing Italy and Venice as the theatre for their engagement photo session, and it is the second part of any surprise proposal photosession in Venice.

Part of the the session around the city can be made with posed images and part where I will capture and portray the spontaneous feelings of the couple (I prefer this spontaneity but in order to capture I need that the couple focuses on something like the poses so that when they distract I'll be ready to capture candid emotions).
Some couples love water and so nice options would be to spend 20-30 minutes of the session on a Gondola or on a water taxi.

The images will make an excellent introduction in the family album and are often used for the official announcement of the wedding as a "save the date" or during the wedding day (maybe themed and used one for each table)

You may want to show off the engagement ring, The details and the style of images can be arranged directly with the photographer in Venice who will be happy to talk in English or French about your engagement photo session.

When to arrange and engagement photosession:

In terms of time of the year I'd only avoid the hottest weeks of August but even then early mornings are usually perfect.


A classic, we would start late in the afternoon and enjoy the transition from day to night in order to have images that are very different.

During the day:

Maybe not the best during summer, actually perfect in winter and a good option in spring and fall.


The best but a demanding option, in summer we avoid the heat of the day, all over the year we enjoy the privilege of being (almost) alone in Venice and the light is amazing, even mist would actually add to the images a special touch.

I'll be happy to present you with some hair and makeup artists that will be happy to help (even at sunrise).


I see this as the portraits part of a wedding photographer in Venice minus the wedding itself.

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hands of a couple with a nice engagement ringEngagement RingHolding hands (with a very new engagement ring)