Online dating photographer at your Service

What is an online dating photographer? A Photographer for your dating profile images is a professional photographer whose job is to take pictures of people in order to promote their profile pictures in a more appealing light (this is very useful  on any dating app or other social media platform).

The actual process of creating these images doubles as a personalised workshop as the client will learn how to create better images in multiple situations

In Venice the background is already amazing and if you are there for a cultural event like the biennale a personal portrait session may be a good extra activity.

What are the benefits of hiring Tinder Photographer?
A portrait Photographer can take photos that will better represent an individual's personality and interests which in turn will make it easier for someone to find a resonating match as they will see a more authentic side of the individual.

Images will look natural and flattering, even if the session is arranged there will be many moment fro candid expressions and I'll be ready to include these in images.

Communication will be the key and we will spend a good share of the time defining the target audience of the images so that there will be one perfect for each platform (most like people would use a Linkedin profile that is different from Instagram or tinder/bumble profile picture but always professionally photographed).

How to get better matches on dating sites?

A porrtrait Photographer can help provide a much needed representation of one's personality in a portrait to make it easier for people to find a match. From a small improvement of the dating profile photo to a big improvement in love life. Tinder Photographers can be very helpful in providing a visual representation of the person's personality in a portrait that would make it easier to attract the attention of the right person.

What is the process of photographing for a dating profile?

While the app Tinder and other dating apps have been around for many years, the concept of a Tinder photographer is a recent development. With Tinder and Bumble being so popular, it has become a growing trend at the same time.

Best style for tinder portraits an profile images?

Easy question, my first answer would be YOUR STYLE, but to provide a more useful answer on how to choose the images for social media profiles or the dating apps I'll elaborate the previous answer.
I'd try to convey the image of yourself, or even better or a facet of your personality that you want to share, possibly to include something about your dreams, personality and hobbies so the viewer wont' only be attracted by your look but by the "whole picture".

As a photographer and as a human being I'm positively convinced that for most the best professional portrait does not look as taken by a professional. I enjoy using my craft to make images that people would feel that may have been taken easily, reality is different but the feeling is real and is exactly what we are commicating: a snapshot into the personality.

How much does a tinder photography session cost?

Interesting question I still need to fully answer on my own.

Compared to my usual business as surprise proposal and wedding photographer here I would still use my skillset and "photographers's eye" but less of my equipment and what is even more important less of my time.

The quality would be the same but, to make a metaphore, here we are not talking about a full bottle of champagne but a glass or two  (or maybe more).

I see a lot of value in keeping these sessions short and simple and maybe to repeat them over time with different looks.

So the price will be minimal for a short session and a  few images and then could grow increasing the number of images and of hours: if interested let's talk about it, I'll do my best to find an agreement. (full contacts) if you are reading from a smartphone the green icon on the bottom right of the page will start a whatsapp chat if touched.

I can provide a more clear answers on the price of an individual portrait session in Venice.  But for most readers of this page the session will be held online as virtual photography (called also: remote photography).

What to expect from your experience

Fun during the session, happy memories afterwards and a few images professionally photographed to communicate how you are and how you want to be seen.

A little bit of "awkardness" may be present in the planning phase and in the beginning of the first session but that's my job to help you getting over with it quickly.

Images will be professionally photographed to acquire a very natural and realistic look that lets peek into the personality of the person like from an ajar door letting the person being interested for more.

An additional benefit would be some advice and professional opinion of the whole set of images published: as a photographer part of the daily routine consists in selecting images so that the group has the strongest impact, this is a skill that may help in selecting the dating profile pictures or social media profile photos.