The content of this page is probably the one that is further away from creativity and human touch of the rest of my website about wedding photography.

But still, it is a pretty needed one and one where I try to reflect my values in terms of respect of client's choices and a part of the process that I like to make is as much  client friendly as possible,

I try to offer the maximum flexibility in terms of payment; typically a small fee is needed to book the desired service and date (Usually via Paypal or credit card or cryptocurrencies with a low transaction fee) this applies to all sessions from Wedding photography to surprise proposals, I found early on that the best approach is to book a session in the calendar only when the confirmatory payment is sent, the amount of it is much less relevant and I try to keep it at the minimum.

Then the rest of the agreed amount is typically to be paid the day of the session in cash, credit card or experimentally in crypto currencies.

Payments in cryptocurrencies:

Accepting digital currency is something I'm experimenting and that I view as an additional service towards clients who wish to use them.

Currently ready to accept as payment: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance and Ethereum but we can most likely find an agreement on the one to use, in any case I do not see accepting bitcoin for weding photography  as good investments but only as cryptocurrency transaction that may have benefits for the client and for the costs associated, I'll then covert them in Euro: to me here we are talking about a payment system not an investment (that is a totally unrealated dimension on which I do not have much to say).

The amount will be negotiated in Euro and further details like my wallet address will be shared to those interested when needed.

The idea is that for some clients this is going to be more covenient than other forms of payment but at the "end of the day" anything that can be easily converted in Euro for me is fine.

We could further discuss about the topic, in this page I grouped the informations on hot to get in touch with the photographer in Venice who accepts crypto currencies.

But still I'd say that the main criteria for choosing your photographer is probably the match in taste, so this is a link to a gallery with pictures from photosessions in Venice.



Even with cryptocurrency transactions I'll still need the invoicing details to comply with local regulation as if the payment was with cash or credit card.