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Collection of images from sessions with families, Here you can reach complete galleries of family photography in Venice

I always try to combine high-end style with a relaxed environment so that everyone feels comfortable and happy, this will show in the pictures and will make the experience to be a very pleasant memory.
The Importance of Vacation or Family images is that they are a window into memories. Memories are priceless, but photos are tangible, it is hard to share memories without images. For this reason, it’s always best to have photos taken when you are on vacation, especially if an unique place like Venice.

Whether it’s a family vacation, a girl’s getaway, or a romantic getaway, for all these Venice is a perfect destination and if you like my style then I'd be very happy to collaborate creating these images.
My aim is to create unique images with beautiful style and amazing natural light that will stand the test of time and will help you to cherish these moments
If you’re interested in a session with me in Venice, please contact me by clicking here. I’ll be happy to chat with you and to establish the outline of the most suitable itinerary and photo session for you.
Ideas for a vacation family photosession in Venice.


Here there are some general ideas to give inspiration but I’ll be very happy to explore other options that you may like.

When and how long:
The age of people involved may affect this, I find that one hour and half is a very safe length, it is plenty for creating good images and longer may get some persons tired while much shorter would end on the best atmosphere.
I would time it to end around sunset, it is comfortable and the light is very beautiful, but I can work during the day and it is possible to arrange a sunrise session.
An idea to make it more unforgettable and easier is to have part of the session on a boat, I’ll write about this in the next paragraph.

Where, location ideas:

I strongly favour to meet at clients’ hotel or accommodation, better to start relaxed in a place you are already familiar with.
Then we can arrange to end there or at a location where you want to be like a reastaurant or the Fenice theatre.

Boat, gondola or taxi?

Especially with kids or grandparents a Gondola or a water taxi are available ally to an unforgettable experience and nice images: we could use a water taxi not only to reach nice areas like San Giorgio Island but it is a very cool location by itself with the fun inside and Venetian palaces in the background.
The gondola has a different pace, clearly much slower but also silent, it allows to experience Venice in the way centuries ago people was actually moving across the channels.
Besides this the whole place is an amazing framework for vacation and family photography so it will be easy to arrange the best scenario for each family

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