Looking for a Professional photographer for your Venice carnival memories? 

To capture the magic of Venice Carnival 2022 with a professional photographer seems to be a very nice idea. I hope to be the one you'll choose for you and your masks. The Venice carnival is one of the most famous carnivals in the world. If you’re planning on attending, then hiring a photographer to capture the memories is a very nice idea.

How to choose a photographer in Venice?

My first answer is to ensure there is a match between their vision and your tastes: this is so important for both you and the photographer. Personally I greatly appreciate working as I see the world for people that shares that vision. There is a dedicated photogallery for Carnival images.
A second point is the match in personality, this is probably more important for wedding and events that are much longer and intense than a carnival photo session but still it matters.
For the first point I curated a selection of image at the end of this page. While for the other getting in touch would be the best way to arrange for the session. On option is to arrange a zoom call and this can be done clicking here. A more immediate possibility would be to send a message via whatsapp by clicking on the green button or on this link.  My contact page offers even more options.

Is there a specific place where you would like to be photographed in Venice?

Venice has the incredible benefit of offering very nice background pretty much anywhere. My approach is to focus on making the experience pleasant for the clients so that I'd try to meet you where it is most convenient for you (usually the hotel) and to end the session where light will be good and it will be practical for where you will be heading afterwards. 

In terms of places I try to balance the experience of an almost empty Venice "off the beaten bath" with a few iconic landmarks that would make it clear where you have, but this can be arranged to match your tastes.

What would be the best time to visit this historical city?

Winter days are short but the light is incredibly nice all over the course of the day, sunrise is not that early and Venice is emptier than usual. 
So anytime during the day would be very good, we could start at sunrise or finish a bit after sunset but in February we can create very good images all over the day and central hours will be a bit warmer.

Do you plan to take your family and friends to this carnival?

This information would help planning the session in a way that may involve them or if not to make arrangements so that the session will be intense but short enough for you not to be missed too much.

We can discuss about practical details of your photosession by any mean that is convenient for you, hope to hear from you soon and in any case best wishes for your time in Venice during carnival 2022.