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A Thoughtful Surprise: A Venice Proposal with a Personal Touch
When planning a surprise proposal in Venice, many clients reach out for location suggestions. However, this time was different. The client had done his homework, and it turned out that his favorite spot was also my top recommendation as the best place where to propose in Venice. The choice made the planning seamless and the moment even more special.

A Scenic Entrance: The Magic of a Water Taxi
Instead of the usual stroll or gondola ride, the client opted for a water taxi, ensuring a grand and scenic entrance to the chosen location. The gentle waves of the canal and the iconic Venetian architecture in the background set the stage for a proposal that was both intimate and grand.A Family Affair: Sharing the Moment with Loved Ones
What made this proposal even more heartwarming was the presence of the future fiancée's entire family. Their shared joy, surprise, and emotions added layers of depth to the photographs, capturing not just the love between the couple but also the bond of a family coming together in celebration.

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