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A photo session for a surprise engagement in proposal starts long before the actual event.

For this shoot, the proposer and I communicated online and considered all factors ahead of time.

The best plan was to discreetly follow the couple from their accommodation to the gondola stall in front of the Doge’s palace, where the proposer knew what to do according to our plan and pop the question perfectly timed for utmost magical surroundings.

While it appeared to simply be traditional Venetian vacation gondola trip to his girlfriend, (soon to be fiancé), with the journey beginning under a bridge with views of lovely Venetian palazzos, I knew the soon groom-to-be was buzzing with anticipation (he knew there soon would be a shift of this scenario where timing would be essential but perfect for him to propose and for the photographer (me) to capture fairytale images of this magical moment.

After a YES exploding with enthusiasm, it was time to tell his now fiancé about the photo session, at which point I joined the happy couple on the gondola and we went on with a less candid but still spontaneous engagement photo session around Venice, for the rest of the gondola ride and then in San Marco and areas, wrapped in the beautiful warm sunset light typical of Venice.

Finally, I took detailed photos of the engagement ring and then said goodbye, with the now affianced couple giddily going on to enjoy the rest of the evening in Venice and the first hours as an engaged couple. The images were made like a film storybook to accompany them and to help remember and share these special moments for many years to come.