A Unique Collaboration: Two Portrait Photographers Captured Through Each Other's Lenses in Venice
Step into a world where the photographers become the subjects in this one-of-a-kind gallery. Featuring myself and my esteemed colleague and friend, Olga, this session offers a rare glimpse into the lives of those usually behind the camera.A Fresh Look: Olga's New Haircut
The session was marked by Olga's fresh new look, her short haircut adding a dynamic edge to her portraits. It's not just a change in hairstyle; it's a statement of her evolving artistic expression and personality, captured for the first time on camera.The Camera's Dual Role
Olga's camera wasn't just a prop; it was an integral part of our day. After visiting a Venetian museum, we decided to turn the tables and photograph each other. It's a challenging yet rewarding experience to be on the other side of the lens, and this gallery captures those unique moments.The Challenge of Being Photographed
As photographers, we're accustomed to capturing others but rarely become the focus ourselves. Being photographed by a fellow professional brought its own set of challenges and insights, revealing how we see ourselves and how we're seen by our peers. Stay tuned, as these intriguing images will be online soon.A Session Like No Other
This gallery is not just a collection of portraits; it's a narrative of friendship, collaboration, and the ever-evolving journey of two artists. It's a testament to the trust and rapport we share, both as friends and professionals in the field of photography.

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