Makeup artist in Venice (weddings and photosessions)

A big contribution to the quality of the images and to the overall experience of the wedding day is given by a good makeup artist and hairstylist.

Having the hair and makeup team reach the client in her hotel and take care of bridal makeup and hairstyle in a way that will look good in images (this is slightly different from usual make up) gives a hust boost to image quality (and saves post production time and costs) may it be to a destination wedding or any big day.

A second contribution is the the overall experience: having somebody taking care of the client's beauty helps a lot being relaxed and in a good mood.,

During large weddings a make up artist is always present, I recommend to consider one even for elopements and for pre-wedding or trash the dress sessions.

During engagement and portraits it can be useful but brilliant results can be achieved even without (expecialy with young couples).

I typically provide a list of endorsed professionals located in Venice to clients that book my services as it is important that besides the professional qualities there is a match in style.

Like for pictures and many other aspects of life besides the general level of quality the "good vibes" should match in order to create a great experience.

Some makeup artists will be available even if you choose a sunrise photosession.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Venice feel free to contact me.