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Among all this is my favorite surprise proposal because it was a surprise for me as well:
I arraged the session with Anna but that was only supposed to be an holiday lovestory session.

While she was preparing, her boyfriend told me that since he planned to propose during her romantic trip in Venice doing that during the photosession would have been perfect.
everything went on very smoothly.

Details on arrranging a surprise marriage proposal in Venice
2012-08-28-IMG_53552012-08-28-IMG_54552012-08-28-IMG_55272012-08-28-IMG_5639couple portraits in VeniceVenice surprise proposal photographer2012-08-28-IMG_5700-Modifica2012-08-28-IMG_58602012-08-28-IMG_59432012-08-28-IMG_61362012-08-28-IMG_6248love stays people goesengagement-2012-08-28-IMG_6316-Modifica2012-08-28-IMG_63462012-08-28-IMG_64322012-08-28-IMG_6438looking at the shared futureengagement ring right after the proposal

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