I sympatize a lot with the challenges and the emotional intesity of arranging a suprise proposal, and as a photographer based in Venice I try to offer the support that could make things easier for guys that choose Venice as the place where to ask for a future together.

Each session will be very personal in nature and fine tuned according to the individual preferences.

To give an idea of a typical suprise weddign proposal session:

we would arrange beforehand a place that is quite romantic and easily reachable for you at a time when light will be good, there I'll be waiting.

The actual proposal will be covered in a candid way.

Right after I typically reccomend to spend some time beween just the two of you, for her it will be a very intese moment and a big surprise.

and then we can go on for the second part of the session: an engagement session right after the suprise proposal.

If you feel that Venice is the place where to "hear yes" and you like my images let's get in touch to plan the creation of memories that will by shared over and over all along your married life, now with friends, then with children and possibly with grandchildren many years from now.

I could be reached with an email or via this form

This is a collection of recent suprise proposal photography sessions.


And below a few images: