One of my favorite take-aways of the COVID emergency is the remote photosession (or remote shooting /  virtual photosession) :

We would do a photosession via internet with your phone with help of a video chat and natural light. There could be multiple ojectives for this kind of photosession in this page I explore the concept of remote photography for Tinder profile pictures but this may work for any portrait and actually it is a process used for Fashion photography by Vogue and other leaders of the sector.

I, the "virtual" photographer will use creativity, eye for light and communication to listen to your goals in order to help finding the best spot for the camera and guiding the session with my voice while controlling your camera and "clicking" in the right moment.

You would need to help with the actual positioning of your phone and more importantly be yourself. It would be similar to a portrait session.

Duration and rates are definitely reduced compared to ordinary packages and would allow for mini session to achieve a specific goal like social media, or pro professional portaits or why not new tinder profile, or if you are beyond this stage couple and pernancy portraits.

For more informations feel free to write me or to message me via whatsapp or telegram.

How does it would technically?

We do have several options:

  • dedicated app on your iphone or android smarphone that makes everything very streamlined, I do have a pro subscription on and this is my favorite option for remote portraits a very similar alternative is shutter app.
  • Plan B would be using a zoom or facetime session but here image quality would be degraded (still ok for social media).
  • Other alternatives may be definitely too complex on the IT side of the workflow but we may discuss using your professanal camera and a remote desktop solution for remote control.


In summary: All of the benefits of a traditional portrait session with none of the hassle.