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A romantic proposal in Venice on Valentine's Day is the stuff of dreams. It's a magical place, full of incredible sights and experiences. But if you want to make sure your proposal goes without a hitch, you need to plan ahead. As a photographer specialized in surprise proposals in Venice I'm happy to help planning and capturing memories of this special day.

Pre-Proposal Preparation

Pre-proposal preparation is an essential step.. It sets the stage for an effective and successful proposal. For s.valentine, this involves a thorough discovery process that allows us to better understand your specific proposal idea, we'll need to consider that Carnival is attracting many tourists so we'll need to devote extra care to the search of a quiet yet scenic spot. Usually I find that a zoom video call is the best way to talk about the ideas and the plan but email or messages caa be effective too. Follow this link to contact me.

Venetian Romance Destinations

When looking for a romantic getaway, travelers should consider the unique experience of the Venetian lagoon and its many islands, from the famous Murano glassworks to hidden bays in Burano and Torcello. Or (my favorite proposal place) the island of San Giorgio: it is quiet yet literally 2 minutes away from the Doge Palace with a spectacular view on Venice.
With its historic canals, winding streets, and picturesque architecture, Venice provides endless opportunities for a couple to explore together while creating beautiful memories they’ll cherish forever, a perfect engagement session


When you're planning the perfect proposal in Venice for Valentine's Day, remember that it's not just about the grand gesture and the big moment. It's about the moments leading up to your big moment, too – and all of the little details in between leading to a "yes" and memorable pictures to cherish for a lifetime. From planning a romantic gondola ride to organizing a private dinner for two, each of these small touches can bring your proposal to life and make it truly unforgettable. So don't forget to plan the perfect proposal in Venice for Valentine's Day - it will be worth it!

This is a collection of surprise proposals galleries.



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surprise proposal in Venice, Dorsoduro Plan for the proposal day:

The plan for this proposal was to recognize clients at the exit of their hotel and to follow them to the agreed place (planned with the guy in advance).
Then after capturing the candid reactions and the "Yes" moment we would have done a more traditional engagement session that would have ended with some images with the couple enjoying a gondola ride.
Clicking on any image will open the gallery from that session.

The couple is walking with her unaware that he is leading to a lovely area where he will propose.

couple walking in Venicewalking towards the proposalwalking to the agreed place for the proposal, she is totally unaware of the plan


a moment pretending to knee to take a picture and here it is a ring and a big question:

wedding-proposal-venice-003preparing to propose in Venicetaking a picture before offering the ring




wedding-proposal-venice-007she said yesmaybe not yet but her eyes definitely anticipate that she will say yes!


After the moment I prefer to let the couple recenter and adjust to their new reality of an engaged couple, often even if staying away these moment are perfect for very intimate images. Once they are ready we walk around Venice for more posed but still natural engagement portraits.

With this couple we decided to say goodbye while they were on a gondola:
wedding-proposal-venice-019engagement sessionnewly engaged couple on a romantic gondola ride in Venice


In this page there is a collection of galleries with photographs of surprise proposal in Venice

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cryptocurrecies accepted as payment for photography services

Freedom of choice is in line with my core beliefs so I'm glad to be able to offer client another option to pay for my professional services: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be accepted as a payment for clients inclined to use them instead of cash or credit card.

Contact me or read more at the webpage with details on how to book a photosession and on how to pay with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


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Stylish honeymoon in Venice for Jessica and Trent Jessica and Trent are from Canada and for their honeymoon in Venice they decided to rent an apartment in order to experience a Venetian lifestyle and to enjoy cooking italian food.

We met in San Zaccaria and started the photo walk in the island of San Giorgio (one of my favorite places for surprise engagements) then thanks to the magic of Venice we managed to have a good variety of images by just walking a bit in sestieri Castello and San Marco.

All the love story photoshooting took around 3 hours.

I particularly like being chosen as a photographer for honeymoons because of the very happy emotions that I'm asked to convey in imaged, often these assignements are very refreshing.


photographs from an honeymoon in ItalyHoneymoon

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) couple honeymoon photographer venice Sat, 16 Mar 2013 13:28:56 GMT
Russian couple's honeymoon in Venice This is a photowalk during the honeymoon of Olga and Dimitry made at the beginning of october.

I write about it now beacuse the weather conditions are very similar to what we coudl expect in the end of March and April.

honeymoon photographer veniceHoneymoon_in_Venice


[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) couple honeymoon photographer portrait venice Sun, 10 Mar 2013 13:10:10 GMT
Carnival in Venice for an honeymoon Marina and Danilo decided to visit Venice durign carnival and to add to the celebration brought their own costumes.

We had a walk from San Toma to Dorsoduro before taking a gondola across Canal Grande and then reached San Marco square where a party in masks was waiting for them.

Full gallery of their honeymoon photosession.


carniva 2013 Venicecarnival in venice

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) carnival honeymoon photographer venice Wed, 13 Feb 2013 19:05:41 GMT
Destination wedding in Venice for a Greek couple Efi and Gianni, a lovely greek couple now living in Germany selected Venice as the place where to have their wedding, it was a love elopment with only the two of them, the formal religeous wedding will follow up in a year and will be held in Greece.

Efi has been very attentive to the selection of all the details and very smart in finding out that the MAC shop in Venice would have provided free make up if she bought 3 products, since it is a brand she loves that has been an extra present.

Gallery with the reportage of the wedding


inspirationl board elopement in Venicedestination weddign in Venice

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) castello elopement photographer venice wedding Tue, 29 Jan 2013 09:37:56 GMT
Italian wedding near Venice Usually most vistitors of this website are not Italian: their destination wedding is in Venice or they are just in two for an honeymoon, I do actually have a separate website in Italian, bth I thoughr about featuring the real wedding of Francesca and Mattia that took place in villa Braida (Conegliano).

The make up artist was Stefania Bon  from stefymakeup


getting readyitalian-wedding-IMG_2543_agosto_2012 fitting the bridal dressitalian-wedding-IMG_2852_agosto_2012 first look from the fatherwedding-milano-IMG_2951_agosto_2012 the groomitalian-wedding-IMG_3020_agosto_2012 the entrance of the brideitalian-wedding-IMG_3088_agosto_2012 weddingitalian-wedding-IMG_3548_agosto_2012 couple wedding portraititalian-wedding-IMG_4701_agosto_2012 fun ad a weddingitalian-wedding-IMG_4945_agosto_2012 romance in veniceitalian-wedding-IMG_5107_agosto_2012

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) braida conegliano photographer vilal wedding Tue, 08 Jan 2013 15:12:19 GMT
Wedding according to Russian Orthodox traditions in Venice The venician church of San Giovanni Decollato is now consacrated for rituals ao the Russian Orthodox Church, and as such is chosen by many couples plannign their destination wedding in Italy.

At this link there is a selection from the photographic reportage of a russian wedding.

And below some images of the celebration and of a walk from the church to San Marco square, in total we spent togheter just 3 hours, the bride seemed to enjoy a lot a local ice cream.


getting readyrussian-ortodox-wedding-venice-2012-09-09-IMG_9245 bride and girlrussian-ortodox-wedding-venice-2012-09-09-IMG_9277 russian wedding in Venicerussian-ortodox-wedding-venice-2012-09-09-IMG_9408 bride eating ice cream2012-09-09-IMG_9907-Modifica

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) orthodox photographer russian sanzandegola venice wedding Fri, 30 Nov 2012 20:08:25 GMT
Honeymoon and wedding dress in Rapallo, Liguria We have been very lucky the as the day planned for the shooting has been the only without rain of the whole week.

This couple has spent their honeymoon in Italy travelling from Rome to Venice and visiting Siena and Rapallo.

Choosing the destination for the photographic session should have been quite difficult.

Below a few images from Rapallo with the wedding dress and with ordinary one.

This is the link to a broader selection of images.


reflection from a windowhoneymoon-2012-10-16-IMG_0185 dancing with the bridehoneymoon-2012-10-16-IMG_0261 jumping of joyhoneymoon-2012-10-16-IMG_0489

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) honeyoon italy photographer rapallo Tue, 20 Nov 2012 13:00:00 GMT
husband warming up his wife this an image from an honeymoon shooting in Liguria, we have been lucky since it id not rain as in the rest of the week but the bride was a bit cold and her husband helped.

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) couple honeymoon photographer portrait Sun, 18 Nov 2012 18:02:53 GMT
Lovestory in Venice for Yulia and Pavel This couple married in Russia  and spent their honeymoon in Italy, we met once in Venice (fotosession) and then in Desenzano del Garda for some images with the wedding dress.

The few hours in Venice were intense, a typical breakfast a not so common barefoot walk and walzer in high waters and a gondola tour among Canal Grande.


portrait from a bridgewedding-palazzo-cavalli-venice-001 couple  photography in Ghetto2012-09-17-IMG_0605


passion in Venicehoneymoon-2012-09-17-IMG_0811 jumping on high waters in San Marco square2012-09-17-IMG_1125 honeymoon photographerhoneymoon portraits

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) couple honeymoon photographer portrait venice Wed, 14 Nov 2012 10:45:00 GMT
A walk across old Ghetto towards Rialto Pleasant photographic walk with a couple (this time no surprise proposal).

We met in the old ghetto and walked towards Dorsoduro through Rialto Bridge. We finished in the evening at ponte delle Guglie having images of people passing by.

It has been so nice that next morning we indulged in an extra shooting with different lighting conditions.

rialto fruit marketphotographer-venice-2012-10-03-IMG_5027 portrait at ponte delle guglie2012-10-03-IMG_5764-Modifica brigde leading to old Ghettophotographer-venice-2012-10-04-IMG_5849-Modifica evening portrait in old ghettohoneymoon-2012-10-03-IMG_5650-Modifica

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) couple ghetto photographer portrait venice Wed, 07 Nov 2012 13:00:00 GMT
A day in Venice from the honeymoon of Olga and Dmitry Olga a Dmitry travelled across the Mediterranean sea from the Russian far East, these are the images from a few hours of their honeymoon.

The comment of the groom made me very happy:

"Luca, its great job! Thank You for beautiful pics. Venice forever with us now, thanks to You"


We met at their hotel in San Marco Square, walked till Dorsoduro and Accademia to have a a typical glass of wine and a gondola trip in order then to finish with the evening light in San Marco square as I always prefer to bring back couples to their hotel not to have them wandering around Venice looking for the way home...

couple sitting near Canal Grande2012-10-04-IMG_5922


romantic couple portrait2012-10-04-IMG_5947 groom reachign his wife2012-10-04-IMG_6050-Modifica in a gondola2012-10-04-IMG_6703


[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) honeymoon photographer venice Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:44:47 GMT
Honeymoon in Venice Natalia and Anton are a couple of very young russians with whome I spent a nice day around Venice of a photosession during their honeymoon, the gondola trip has been lovely!!!


photographer on a gondola trip in Venice2012-08-29-IMG_7394

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) couple honeymoon photographer venice Thu, 27 Sep 2012 17:15:00 GMT
pre wedding Venice is a lovely framework for pre-wedding sessions, rather often couples decide to give themselves a day to create images with the wedding dress and a perfect surrounding so that during the actual wedding they will already have images and will be able to enjoy the day and their guests.

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) photographer pre-wedding venice Thu, 16 Aug 2012 07:00:00 GMT
Photographer for a wedding proposal in Venice It is definitely exciting to work as an engagement photographer (one can really feel the couple’s excitement and surprise) but it has its own rules: you need to be “born ready” and be flexible.

It was delightful to be appointed by a couple from London to shoot the man’s proposal to the future bride in Venice (gallery).

We only had the possibility to talk by skype to suggest an ideal location for the event: the San Giorgio Island in the Venice Lagoon, ant to agree timing to let the shot beat sunset, but during that day we could not meet before or this would have spoilt the surprise for the future bride (she accepted :-).

I was getting my cameras ready one hour earlier than agreed when I saw the couple arriving …Gosh, they were early! I said to myself “Don’t Panic!” let's fine tune focus and, in the twinkling of an eye, the guy fell down on his knees and took the ring out of his pocket if I wouldn't have them in the frame for the test there would have been no way to catch the moment, It turned out to be a stroke of luck: everything that really matters was in the picture: the excited man, the amazed lady, the ring, the sunset and the lagoon…done! In the following minutes we had a short video of them expressing their emotions (my "under cover" part of the assignment ended) and a relaxing photo walk in Venice to be continued on the next day's morning.


wedding proposal in Venicesurpise-marriage-proposal-venice-001

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A city for a thousand tales  

Anyone who has already been there, would agree that Venice is as an ideal setting for any kind of story. Shakespeare had two of his most famous plays: Otello and The Merchant of Venice, set there; Thomas Mann had the main character of his Death in Venice spending his last days in the city; movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Casino Royale and Everyone Says I love You feature shot in Venice; and Hugo Pratt had most of his Corto Maltese cartoon saga taking place here.

At the same time, venice is no common setting at all. The city is likely to take the stage itself and act as the main character: in movies like “Bread & Tulips”, for instance, the plot is almost a pretext to show the narrow alleys, squares, ancient palaces, channels, smalls hops, walking-by citizens, and boats, so typical of this unique city.

If you are planning to travel to Venice, planning a photo shooting session might be a good idea. If you are going to spend there a weekend, your holidays or engagement proposal, pre-wedding, wedding or honeymoon a photographic session will ensure you high-quality pictures to remember some magical moments.

Nevertheless, be careful…you might have to fight hard against the exhibitionist personality of this city! Well, just let Venice be the co-protagonist of your photo-story …it’s the best you can do

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) engagement photographer portrait pre-wedding venice wedding Sun, 15 Jul 2012 10:35:12 GMT
babymoon Lately I came across a new trend arising in the travel sector: the BABYMOON

I discover that babymoon is a short holiday that a couple enjoys some time before the lady gives birth to the child.
It is something like a present the parents-to-be make to each other before starting the exciting, yet exhausting, full-time job of child-bearing. 

In most cases this means that the couple spends a weekend or a few days in a charming resort, perhaps surrounded by nature or in a famous historical city, entertaining themselves with tourism, strolls, thermal baths, nice restaurants, or just lazy relax.   

This special occasions an excellent moment for  hiring a lifestyle portrait photographer to get nice pictures as souvenir of sweets moments to be cherished for years to come.

Since I am familiar with shooting in exclusive spots such as Venice, Milan and Portofino  expecially in the field pregnancy portraits, I thought this might be a nice opportunity to offer my services and created a specific page on: babymoon portraits.

I would be delighted if you wanted to share with me your ideas on how would you imagine the best portraits for couples during pregnancy.


[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) babymoon photography pragnancy Sun, 27 May 2012 07:00:00 GMT
portrait of the photographer This post is to share the a couple of images made by an Italian mother and blogger.

The photographic session was in Milan with a couple  that in a week would have met their first son after nine months of waiting.

I've been particularly happy since during most assignments I'm the one in charge of photography and it would be mine to have at least an image to present myself in action, this time I got two of them:

maternity photography italy

portrait photographer in Venice

[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) backstage photographer portrait Mon, 07 May 2012 17:18:53 GMT
Couple photography Here we are with a selection of images made despite ( or thanks) an ever-changing weather.

The your husband and wife were travelling across Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) and decided to ask for a photographic service creating some memories and portraits  in Venice.

wedding photographer Venicephotography in venice




[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) lovestory photographer photosession venice Sat, 05 May 2012 19:00:51 GMT
street photography On Sunday I was creating portraits of a lovely American couple in Venice, once we said goodbye I was happy of the results and  walking slowly breathing the beauty of this city on my way to a meeting with a Make up artist.

Near "Basilica della Salute" I couldn't help noticing how everything was in the right place for a portrait at a young lady drawing a nicely lit building.

I thought twice if it was a good idea to interrupt her concentration for asking permission and this was one of the resulting images. The umbrella shape and colour the blue of shoes and clothings light was all fine even the reflection from the paper on the face was needed and all there by its own.

Reality can be really inspiring on its own.

portrait in venice


[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) photographer portrait reportage street photography venice Thu, 26 Apr 2012 09:14:03 GMT
Sunset portrait in Venice Venice can be charming during the whole day but sunset provides very interesting lights for portraits.

Month after month the sun will always be in a different location so there will be different places where to be.


[email protected] (Venice Photographer, Luca) Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:00:26 GMT
New blog, photography in Venice Welcome to this blog, considering the constant interest from choosing Venice as their destination I decided to dedicate a specific website to contents that may help in the choice of the most suitable photographer for weddings, honeymoons and portraits.

new pages and images will be online in the coming days and weeks

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